Cloud Computing 101


Visionary Steve Jobs once spoke of a dream in which data could be uploaded and accessed anywhere. Before there was the cloud, there were floppy disks, CD ROMs and very large immobile hardware. Fast forward to 2015 – now we are able to access and store information without physical limitations.

You may consider the cloud as a virtual locker; a network of servers that houses information. The transition to cloud computing allows businesses to focus more on information management, rather than infrastructure. Cloud computing has revolutionized data storage and sharing by:

As with any effective and popular solution, there are risks and concerns. Though cloud computing is hassle-free, adaptable and cost-efficient, organizations may be concerned of major risks such as cyber attacks, interrupted data privacy, and inaccessibility. Many organizations may consider these risks when thinking about moving the cloud. These risks and concerns can be minimized with the services Wilson Consulting Group offers.

Organizations must have strong security and an efficient and thorough strategy when moving to cloud computing. Wilson Consulting Group (WCG) has the best tools, techniques, IT experts and consultants to do just that. We will help you by implementing the following:

The days of tedious and costly data storage and sharing are over. Let us help you transition into efficient, accessible cloud computing.


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