COVID-19 and Remote Work Security Challenges


Since the COVID-19 outbreak in January 2020 and pandemic declaration in late March, organizations and federal agencies have been scrambling to secure their systems and create remote work contingency plans to keep continuity for their business matters.   

VMware Carbon Blackcomposed a June 2020 Global Threat Report to build on researchtaken in March and April where 1002 CIOs, CTOs, and CISOswere surveyed in global industries related to finance, healthcare, government authority, retail, manufacturing, engineering and more. The security professionals were surveyed on their IT infrastructure, secure systems management, increases in cybersecurity incidents, and their remote work readiness.

Based on the data in VMware Carbon Black’s report, companies have been hit hard with possible breaches to their networks which has shownsignificant gaps in their IT infrastructure. One of the questions the survey posed was: “which of the following threats associated with COVID-19 have been the biggest threat to your company so far?” 29% of the global respondents suggested that their major threat to the company was they could not establish multifactor authentication across their platforms..

90% of the global organizations that responded to the survey suggested that cyberattacks against their company have increased in 12 months from October 2019 to the present. 80% of those same respondents reported that the cyberattacks have grown more sophisticated during that same time frame.

The most alarming piece of data comes from the survey question: “has the overall number of typical cyber-attacks on your system changed as a result of more employees working from home?” The report suggests “91% of all global respondents stated that they had seen an increase in overall cyberattacks as a result of employees working from home.”

Hackers have taking advantage of an organization’s operating system onbusiness commissioned laptop computerson unprotected, “user-employee” ISP networks. These attacks have also involved data leaks, email compromising, and transaction fraud through COVID-19 related malware such as phishing, spear fishing, ransomware, and masquerading. These notable threats to your company’s infrastructure, employee and client data, and other confidential information assets can place your business at extreme risk. As your business continuity “revs up” in the coming months, you want to make sure that your company’s data is protected as your employees work from home.

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